Big Bird

This Talking Stick reminds you to see the fantastic in all things and to honor the child in yourself.

The stick is driftwood from northern California.

On it are several bones. A deer vertebra from Wisconsin forms the head and beak. The wings are two large fish gills exquisitely "painted" by the sands and wind that came from a beach in Baja, Mexico. Fish vertebrae, also from the Baja, were used to create the tail and a chewed up cow bone from Israel makes the base.

The rooster feathers symbolize watchfulness. In the Chinese zodiac the rooster is known for its enthusiasm, humor and optimism. The ostrich is the biggest bird (Big Bird…) but it cannot fly. Its feathers call you to consider your fear of flight and look at your self-limiting thoughts and habits.

The Stick "nests" in a vintage cookie jar along with "eggs" of various sizes. Who knows what will hatch….

So take note – make no bones about it and remember to fly, at least once in while.