Birthing the Goddess Within

This Stick calls you to realize your true Goddess nature.

The stick is driftwood from Panama. Its circular shape is a symbol of wholeness and unity. It is a reminder to look within for the Divine. It is also a portal for self discovery.

The small clay Goddess is a symbol of fertility and creativity. Her strength comes from her ability to shape the raw material of life into beauty and joy. She is connected to the earth - to plants, animals and minerals , and to the sky - the moon and its cyclic markings of time, and the stars which are destiny.

The snake marks her ability to grow and renew from within. She is adorned with an amber bead which is protective and harmonizing.

The ostrich feathers symbolize grounding yet not letting fear hold you back from taking flight.

The Stick rests on a gnarly burr of an oak tree from Lake Superior. The oak is a symbol of power and fulfillment.

May this Talking Stick elicit the power, the joy and the beauty within you.