Bowing to the Ancestors

This Talking Stick is a tribute to the wisdom of the Native American ancestors of this land.

The Stick comes from a small lake in the pristine boundary waters of Sylvania, Michigan. It shows the intricate patterns of the beaver teeth that cut it and shaped its surface.

The dear antlers attached to the Stick represent the shedding of that which has served its purpose and is no longer needed. The deer is also an emblem of gentleness. The copper shield (from Costa Rica) is for protection, the arrow (from Israel) - for true aim, and the turquoise eye - for clear vision.

Three strands represent the solid - earth and its bounty (turtle and bear), the flowing - water (coral and fish), and the ethereal - sky (turquoise and the dream catcher). The fourth strand stands for the sowing of good seeds that blossom into blessings and hope.

The turkey feathers are for generosity and for gratitude for all the gifts bestowed on us.

May this Talking Stick inspire you to know and honor your deep roots.

May it allow for the deep wisdom of the ancestors to flow through you.