Calling All Angels

This Talking Stick is a conduit to your guides, teachers and helpers.

The stick comes from Guatemala. The intricate flower-like shape of its head was created by a fungus. It is the beauty that often emerges from challenge and loss. The opalized ammonite fossil is the spiral of the journey from birth to rebirth. The fossil represents the great depths of space and time.

The figure in the center of the stick is a blend of the Mother Earth Goddess and the heavenly angel. It brings many blessings of prayers heard for self and for all– love, guidance, light, peace , manifestation, abundance, tranquility, clarity and deep connections.

The white rooster feathers represent awakening, power and mystery. In the Chinese zodiac, the rooster is also a symbol of enthusiasm, humor and optimism.

The Stick rests on a quartz cluster. Quartz stores, transmits and amplifies energy. It is a powerful connector to our Higher Self and to our Spirit Guides.

May this Talking Stick help you sense, see and hear support, love and deep guidance in all realms.