This talking Stick captures the gradual emergence of lucidity and ease in thoughts, feelings, actions and dreams.

The stick comes from Lake Superior where beavers stripped it of its bark, exposing its smooth, almost luminous, interior.

The Selenite rod that is attached to the stick is a spear that cuts through illusions and misperceptions. It is a divining rod of awareness, promoting connection between the conscious self and the mystic which lives within. Selenite is connected to the moon – the cycles of time and life, and to intuition as source of wisdom. Amber clears confusion, calms the spirit and enhances mental focus.

The ostrich feathers are for grounding, the goose feathers call for exploration and quests and the parrot feathers bring light and humor.

The Stick rests on a hand-hewn tray from Oaxaca, Mexico. Its rectangular shape represents growth and expressiveness.

This Talking Stick is a conduit to clear vision and the deep knowing of purpose and path.