Dragon's Wisdom

This Talking Stick brings fortitude and insight

This stick, driftwood from California, is shaped like a dragon. The dragon is a powerful mythical creature. It is a potent symbol of auspicious power, of wisdom and long life. It is born of fire and is associated with creativity, with the concept of yang and with the birth of the universe. It is also connected with water and is the bringer of rain, of fertility and of happiness.

The reddish rooster feathers represent fire. The rooster is also a symbol of awakening and alertness. The long golden pheasant feather represents the strong flow of outward energy. The pheasant is also a symbol of fertility.

Three strands hang from the center. The first with a coral at its end is the union of fire and water. The second combines quartz and agate. Quartz creates clarity, stimulating the thinking process. Agate balances yin and yang energies, facilitates discernment and imparts strength and courage. The third with a heart shaped stone stands for wisdom and power that come from the heart, and for joy. The spiral represents the cycle of life. The bone bead symbolizes what is strong and long-lasting. It is engraved with a Hebrew blessing. The small bag is ready to hold that which will be born from wisdom and strength.

The stick rests in a vintage jar with stones that come from many different places and hold the connection to Mother Earth.

May this Talking Stick light your fire.
May it cool and refresh like spring rain.
May it amplify your energy and bring you joy.