Goddess Power

This Stick calls you to discover and explore the Divine Feminine in you

The stick is a root that came from the shores of Lake Michigan. It survived a fire and symbolizes that in us which is able to survive life's challenges and losses. It is turned roots-side-up to bring to light that which supports us from within and the nourishment we receive from our connections to Mother Earth.

The small clay Goddess is a symbol of fertility and creativity. Her strength comes from her ability to free herself from that which no longer serves her as symbolized by the snake skin wrapped behind her.

The earth's Kundalini energy held in the copper spiral and the quartz point, rises through her to meet the star energy of the aragonite cluster above her head. Aragonite is a stone of centering and patience. It keeps the upper chakras open and in harmony. It allows for reason and intuition to come together so that things can be viewed from a higher perspective.

The ostrich feathers symbolize the ability to look deeply and transform our limiting beliefs and conditioning.

The Stick rests on an oval hand-hewn tray from Guatemala. The oval, akin to the egg shape, symbolizes fertility, creativity, abundance and rebirth.

May this Talking Stick support the emergence of your true power.