The Great Weaver

This Talking Stick calls you to weave a wondrous web of life

The Stick comes from Lake Superior. It is dense and smoothed by the powerful forces of wind and water.

The heart in the center with the spiral ammonite fossil tells you that life is robust and dreams become reality when you keep your heart open.

The spider weaves her intricate spiral web, connecting past and future, feelings and actions, male and female, the physical and Spirit. She is the great weaver representing eternity and the cycles of birth, death and rebirth.

The turtle is a symbol for Mother Earth and her creative powers. She is a great teacher of grounding, protection and abundance.

The rooster feathers bring awakening and male energy. The crow is a symbol of the sacred magic of creation and the teacher of shape-shifting. The crane brings creativity through discipline and focus.

The spiral holder amplifies the magical power of this Stick.

May this Talking Stick be a conduit to your own creativity.
May it be fed by the deep mystery of your connection to all.