This Stick, shaped as a bird came from the Willow Flowage in northern Wisconsin. Birds connect between the earthly and the Divine and hold the element of air - our imagination, our ideas, our aspirations and our inspirations.

The objects hanging on the stick represents our connections to Spirit and the heavens through vision, transformation and prayer.

Kyanite is a stone of attunement. It supports psychic awareness and good communication. It is excellent for meditation and dream recall. It aligns and opens all the chakras. Blue Kyanite is used specifically to nourish the throat and third-eye chakras, enhancing one's voice and strengthening intuition. Lapis Lazuli is a great healer and purifier. It helps calm and release tension and anxiety. Crystal Quartz is for clarity of intentions and vision.

The goose feathers represent the call of the quest and travel to legendary places, whether in body or mind. Geese are also a strong symbol for the instinct of homing and the ability to move form one home to another with grace and power.

May this Talking Stick call you to soar above the mundane and know the true home of your soul.