Honoring the Land

This Talking Stick is a tribute to our Native American ancestors and to their deep connection to the land

This Stick comes from the Wisconsin River – a branch that has been smoothed by water, sand and wind.

The objects on the Stick capture the bounty of the earth and the ways of the ancestors – the hunters, the gatherers, the craftspeople. The turtle bone and turtle are for Mother Earth, the eagle - for Father Sky, and the salmon - for the flowing waters and great oceans. The deer antlers represent gentleness while the clump moose hair is a symbol of tenaciousness and perseverance.

The coral and turquoise represent the mining of the earth and sea for creating beauty. The bead of "hope" carries a longing for a time when we, too, will utilize our skills to appreciate the bounty, and use our creativity rather than exercise dominance and destruction. It is a hope for true and lasting respect and balance.

The turkey feathers – the Native American give-away bird - signify shared blessings and generosity.

May this Talking Stick inspire you to cherish your roots, to honor the Earth and to share your blessings.