Nature's Gifts

This Talking Stick holds the element of earth

The Stick comes from Lake Wingra. The deer antlers found in the woods in early spring mirror and enhance the tree branch. They show us to the many ways in which different species can connect, communicate and reflect each other

The recycled and found objects that adorn the Stick represent the plants and minerals of the earth, the creatures of the land and sea, and the lights of the heaven. They also signify the importance of seeing what we already have and letting it cycle through again, rather than focusing our attention and efforts on what is missing or needs to be created from scratch. These objects come from many different places and countries - Israel, Mexico, Guatemala, Thailand, India and several thrift shops right here in Madison.

The pouch is a symbol of the great container that Mother Earth is. It carries in it a small stone heart for gratitude and for love.

Turkey feathers stand for generosity, ostrich feathers are for grounding, and rooster feathers are for wakefulness and virility.

The Stick rests on a large root that captures the deep and abiding energy of earth and our own rootedness in it.

May this Talking Stick be a conduit to a profound appreciation of the endless wonders of nature. May it inspire a generosity of spirit and a will to cherish and care for all living things.