Scorpio Sun

This Talking Stick holds the energy transformation that comes from fully participating in the cycles of life.

The stick is a root that comes from a dry river bed in Turkey, an ancient land that is the birthplace of our civilization. In its center it is a stone held in a perfect embrace. That which was an obstacle to its growth has been fully received and integrated.

The Scorpio signifies complexity, relentlessness, and a strong intuition. Those who carry the sign of Scorpio are able to repeatedly descend into darkness and then emerge back into light and life. They master the cycles of birth, death and rebirth as life's lessons are explored and integrated.

The sun illuminates all that needs to be revealed. The stone heart emanates the clarity of the quartz point. The feathers bring acute vision, especially in the dark. They are ringed with a bone for endurance and that which lasts. The porcupine quills help in finding and demonstrating strength in times of vulnerability. The empty basket is for the riches of the surprises around the bends of a road fully traveled.

The stone on which the stick rests is rich in iron represents the gift of grounding.

This Stick supports presence and courage in facing change, challenges and transitions. It facilitates full integration of all that life brings.