Swept Away

This Talking Stick holds the element of water

This Stick, shaped as a wave, is driftwood from the Baja, Mexico. It captures the qualities of water and all that flows – our emotions, the fluids in our body and in all that is alive, the cycles of the day and the seasons. It holds the downward, deepening movement that precedes the upward, expansive forces.

The objects hanging on the stick represent the inhabitants of water. The sea turtle is a symbol of the primal mother and is connected to the lunar cycle. It is associated with longevity and wisdom. It is a creature that naturally knows the importance focusing inward. It is always in its home, protected. It is able to navigate life's waters with skill. Fish reprsent abundance. The spirals - conch and opalized amonite, are symbols of the cycles of life. The coral shaped like a shorebird's claw represents connection between water and spirit and between water and earth.

Shells, coral and pearls are created in water. Pearls are created in the mother of pearl in response to an aggravation. They are the treasures that arise from our hardships and challenges.

The gull feathers represent the seashore birds - the keepers of boundariers where water and earth meet. The ostrich feathers are for enhancing flow by overcomeing stuckness and fear.

The Stick rests on a large piece of coral from the Atlantic Ocean.

May this Talking Stick call you to delve deep into your feelings as a conduit to your true self. May it teach you the power and beauty of flow.