It is Time for Peace

The stick is a branch from a tree that grew in the dessert in Israel and survived a fire. It is dense and protected by small thorns. Its side branches are severed.

The clock in the center of the stick still ticks, reminding us that time is passing, time is running out, but there is still time, it is never too late.

The objects that hang from the stick represent human anguish and bondage that war creates and recreates. But along with them are symbols of peace and hope – the dove with its olive branch heralding anew era; the bell is for awakening from the nightmare of war; the hands call for stopping, for reaching out, for guarding and guidance for all those involved. The sharp, dagger-like black feathers that are war, are surrounded by soft, white feathers of peace.

The box in which the stick lies symbolizes a coffin containing dashed hopes and dreams and many lost loved ones. But the box is empty, signifying the potential for renewal and for resurrection.

This Talking Stick holds the pain and hope of wars in the Middle East and all other wars, past, present and future.
It is time for peace.