This Talking Stick represents the element of fire

This Stick is a hollowed cactus core from New Mexico. The interplay of solid and vacant is akin to fire which transforms matter into heat and smoke. The quartz points signify the clear energy that fire releases.

Fire represents the Yang element – energy, power, action, passion, creativity and consumption. It is the untamed. It can bring destruction but can also serves as a conduit to purification, enlightenment, radical change and new beginnings.

The objects hanging on the stick represents the qualities of fire – upwards spiraling, Kundalini, energy, a connection to the sun (Sun God engraving from Belize), action (the hand), passion (the heart), cooking of food and of ideas (the pot and ladle), and transformation (the flower and the butterfly).

The Feathers are those of ostrich and rooster. The ostrich represents resistance to change, as it is unable to take flight and is known for hiding its head. It is the shadow, the limiting factor that fire often removes. Rooster holds the opposite energy – wakefulness, virility and the announcer of a new day. It is masculine, active and akin to the sun.

The Stick is held by a vintage spiral candlestick reinforcing the upward motion and the element of fire.

May this Talking Stick bring you passion and creativity.
May it remind you to look at the opportunities created by the destruction of the status quo, and support growth and renewal in your life.