This Talking Stick captures the beauty and deep traditions of Turkey

The stick comes for a very old grape vine in the magical region of Kapadocia in the east of Turkey. It is shaped like a dragon, eliciting myth, power and the element of fire.

On it hang the protective "Eye Beads". These are everywhere in Turkey providing tangible assurance that God's eye watches over homes, businesses, vehicles, and fruit trees alike. Amber, silver and copper and a colorful wool tussle represent Turkey's rich natural resources and its artistic traditions, especially its world-famous, amazing rugs.

The crescent moon and the cross symbolize the role of Turkey as a cornerstone in the evolution of Islam and Christianity and some of the deep conflicts between the two. The doves represent the desire for peace.

Pigeon feathers are for the pigeons that are raised in the countryside for their rich dung and are everywhere in the larger cities. The rooster feathers are for the strength of the Turkish people and the black crow feathers for the conflicts and tensions - political, religious and cultural -that continue to characterize this nation.

The stick rests on a slab of olive wood and a heart shape stone that hold the deep love and pride that Turks feel for their country and heritage.

May this stick pique your curiosity and inspire you to explore the world. May it remind to you to learn and appreciate the riches of your own heritage.