About Efrat


Clients say:

“Efrat has incredible energy which she radiates so generously—as a healer, artist, teacher, and intuitive.  Her vibrant nature and resilience is truly inspiring, enabling her to overcome obstacles and transform them into gold, for herself and for others.  Her gifts to the world are numberless, and her devotion to healing, creativity, and spirituality is deep and wide.  We are blessed with her presence among us, and gratified by the many ways she offers her gifts for the benefit of all beings.”



I was born and raised in Jerusalem where my roots continue to run deep. I visit frequently, taking in the intense colors, vibrations, flavors and complex relationships of the Middle East. I live and work in the Midwest. My daily walks take me along the river and lake to Native American burial mounds, passing by community gardens, bike paths, and neighborhood public art displays. A sun lover, I have finally come to see the blessings of all seasons. In the spring and summer, my lavish gardens, radiant with color and scent, welcome passersby, butterflies and hummingbirds. They teach me flow, abundance and enchantment. In the fall and winter they instruct me in the art of letting go, of resting and allowing all that went before to become the fertilizer from which the new will emerge. I learn much about trust, mystery and hope.

I have had a vocational path that was neither straight nor narrow. My academic studies spanned the humanities, arts (B.A.), life sciences (B.Sc.) and information studies (Masters of Library and Information Science). I developed an expertise in biotechnology information and worked in corporate and academic environments in Israel and the U.S. for almost two decades. At the height of my career I realized that, while rich and successful, this was not my true path. I took the leap. I left the university and waited for that call(ing). It was an utter surprise when my repeated question "what should I DO?" received a short and resonating answer "massage". I followed that voice. For the past 15 years, I have been studying and practicing diverse forms of bodywork and energy healing (Nationally Certified Massage Therapist) culminating in my dedication to Zero Balancing (Certified Zero Balancer and Faculty).

Just about the same time that voice resounded, I made my first piece of art in many years. It was a Talking Stick hastily put together for a book group that I was part of. It marked an awakening from a long dormancy in what used to be a vibrant and vital part of my life before coming to the U.S. I began making art again. I continue lean into that creative adage and to delight in the fruit of labor, love and serendipities.

It was my own journey with cancer in 2001 that led me to train and develop my skills as a Healing Guide. In time, the body-mind-spirit triad of healing arts – bodywork, guidance, and creating meaningful art - found its rhythm and form. It is what I offer through my practice Open Circle Healing Arts. My work, along with extensive travels, a deepening of my personal inquiry, movement and contemplation practices, and participation in the lives of my family, friends and community, create the colorful and rich fabric of my life its second, wonderful half. I am blessed and grateful.

I invite you to stroll through my website to find how the services and resources I offer might serve and inspire you. I welcome your thoughts and insights.