Zero Balancing Training

Teaching Zero Balancing skills to health professionals, touch therapists, and interested individuals.

handsMy offerings include:

The Core Zero Balancing Training

This training consist of two four day workshops, Zero Balancing I and II (25 CEU's each), which provide the basic skills, foundational concepts and guiding principles of Zero Balancing. The two workshops are typically taken some time apart to allow for integration and practice.

Zero Balancing I

• The theory and application of the basic Zero Balancing protocol
• The principles of Zero Balancing and its unique form of interface touch
• Contacting, evaluating and balancing body structure and body energy through touch
• The energetic anatomy of the skeleton
• Reading and monitoring a client's response to the session
• How to give a Zero Balancing session

Zero Balancing II

• Reviewing the Zero Balancing protocol in depth
• Adding new and powerful Fulcrums
• Exploring and expanding the guiding concepts and principles
• Anchoring and fine tuning skills
• Refining body mechanics

Tuition: $595 for each class ($545 early registration, 1 month before class start date)
$995 for both classes (savings of $195) if paid fully by first day of ZBI.

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Advanced Classes:

Bridges to Wholeness: Bringing Consciousness and Confidence to Zero Balancing for People Living with Cancer

treeA three day advanced training providing clear guidelines for offering safe, effective and supportive Zero Balancing sessions to people living with cancer and to bridge the chaos of serious illness with the essence of wholeness and the possibilities of peace and transcendence.

The course, developed with Michele Doucette provides an understanding of the basic concepts and terminology of cancer and its treatment, as well as the potential impact of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues. Establishing trust, identifying necessary precautions, and determining appropriate session modifications for clients at various stages of the cancer experience, are covered. The foundation of ZB in Five Element theory is explored as the ZBer brings attention to the spirit level while working in the dorsal hinge, upper ribs, chest, neck and head. Meditation and artwork are used to explore the therapist's beliefs and feelings about cancer. Ample time is allowed for discussion and hands-on practice of new fulcrums along with a review of Core Zero Balancing principles, touch skills, and fulcrums, amplifying the practitioner's ability to touch into the terrain of well-being, creating a clearer stronger field for clients navigating the waters of cancer or other ongoing illness.

Tuition: $525 ($475 early registration, 1 month in advance of start date)
Prerequisite: 100 hours ZB class time
Upcoming classes: Tucson, AZ, Nov 30 – Dec 2, 2012 Boston, MA, March 8-10, 2013

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Students say:

"It was without a doubt the most enlightening and informative core class I have taken and that is the honest truth. You are a wonderful teacher."

"I took my ZB 1 Course from Efrat. I found her to be compassionate, wise, knowledgeable, experienced, safe, good natured, good humored, and balanced. With all these amazing qualities combined, the course was fun, interesting, and well thought out. Most of all, I learned the material well and by the course's end I felt I had gained the confidence and skill I needed to start using it in my practice. I can't wait to take the next course with Efrat!"

skeleton zb

"Teaching with Efrat was a real joy and honor. She brings her deep and enriching life experience to her teaching, helping students realize the potential of ZB in their lives and in the lives of their clients. I highly recommend studying Zero Balancing with Efrat to anyone who is looking to learn a life enhancing and transformational high level wellness, body-mind therapy system."