Artistic Creations

Art that serves to delight, stimulate and inspire.

Each of the tangible objects I create are vessels of intention and energy. They serve to promote an inner dialog through which awareness of self and others can deepen and be expressed.

The wisdom and aesthetic traditions of the Middle East, Native Americans, Shamanism and Buddhism inspire and inform my "Talking Sticks", "Spirals of Life" and "Inspired Jewelry". Natural materials and objects which are found, recycled or repurposed are the makings of my creations. I gather them in my daily wanderings and in my extensive travels throughout the world. They come together in an alchemical and sometimes magical process, finding their innate connections and organic balance.

My work is on display in my studio and periodically at gallery shows and art sales. (See photos from Absolutely Art show.) I often create custom pieces for or with individuals and groups. I also facilitate workshops on creating a Talking Stick and exploring their profound wisdom. I am happy to discuss a piece of art you may want to have created or co-created for yourself, for another or for a group you are part of or to facilitate a workshop.

I love to collaborate with other artists in all forms of art. I am especially drawn to those whose artistic expressions focus on paradox, on the unity underlying our seemingly contradicting experiences and perceptions of loss and gain, wellness and illness, life and death. In 2010 I created a not-for-profit organization, "Art at the Threshold", which serves to bring and to stimulate this kind of artistic expression to the Madison community. Please visit for a more detailed description and to see past events and future offerings.

Talking Sticks

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Clients say:

Beautiful, sacred, powerful—it is like an extension of me: my magic wand. My life has been in great transition since acquiring the stick...I feel like my talking stick is like a physical totem representing my soul. It helps remind me who I am. In times when I am very grounded I just like to have it near to help maintain my energy in a space. When I am shaken for some reason…it remembers me. It reminds me. I am so grateful to you, Efrat, for creating probably the most sacred and important thing I own.

My Talking Sticks are inspired by a Native American tradition in which a decorated stick was an integral part of all important gatherings. When a meeting was convened, this ceremonial object was passed from person to person in the community circle. Only the person holding the stick was allowed to speak. The others were to listen attentively and were not allowed to interrupt. This meant that everyone in the group was heard and communal decisions were made on the basis of full representation of all points of view.

In my work with the Talking Sticks I discovered their great personal power. I have come to see that holding a Talking Stick can be a wonderful, and often much-needed, opportunity for listening to one's own inner voice and to guidance. The Talking Stick has become a tool of personal quest and transformation.

Each stick has its own shape, weight, texture, color and vibration. I do my best to respect and preserve them as I prepare them, often only smoothing them so that they feel good to hold. The various objects the wrap, hang or are tied on to them come together to capture an essence, a symbol or a quality. Each Talking Stick is named and accompanied by a description of its attributes and its power. Please visit my photo gallery and click on the title of some sticks to read their stories.

Many of my sticks arise from a strong image or vision. Others are created for specific individuals. These personalized Sticks represent the gifts, challenges and aspirations of these individuals. Sometimes they mark an important transition in their life. The creation a Talking Stick always requires that I listen to inner guidance. It is a fascinating and mysterious process that humbles and excites me again and again.

Spirals of Life

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Return Again
Return again, return again
Return to the land of your soul.
Return to who you are,
Return to what you are,
Return to where you are,
Born and reborn again.

—Rafael-Simka Kahn

The spiral is one of the most common natural shapes, from galaxies to sea shells to the pattern of a falcon's dive. It is also an ancient and recurring symbol. It signifies the circle of life's re-turn upon itself, the journey that takes out outwards and brings us back in, that carries us high and follows us into the depths. It is the open and dynamic circle of life, our connection to all from the center of our being.

Copper, which is the primary material that I use to create my "Spirals of Life", is a healing and vitalizing metal. It is associated with the earth/fire element and the first two chakras. The objects that hang on the spirals come together to capture an aspiration and create an inspiration.

Spirals of Life can be wonderful energizers for places in our interior or outdoor living, working and leisure spaces. Hang them in a window, in a tree, from the rear view mirror in your car, in a corner, or above an entrance. They will dispel stagnation, bring focus, invite change or simply delight.

Inspired Jewelry

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Clients Say:

“This winter, I purchased one of Efrat's healing necklaces and earring sets. Not only is it beautiful and interesting, but as soon as I picked it up, I could feel the energy move up my back. I often use this necklace for its healing and grounding energy. Love it!”

I create my jewelry by bringing together objects that come from different places, times and cultures, allowing them to find their own aesthetic and energetic relationship. It is created for reflecting, enhancing and adorning that which is essential.

I use vintage beads, gemstones, shells, bone, coral and pearls, selecting each for their particular vibration and symbolism. I often incorporate objects and artifacts into my necklaces and earrings, many of which have special meaning in the country or culture from which they come. Clasps are an important part of each piece and are an integral part of its design and flow. Each piece has a name and is accompanied by a short description of its attributes and qualities. Each is a unique, one-of-a kind item.